A Moon Garden

Apparently is any garden that is designed to be enjoyed at night.  These gardens are planted with a focus in flowers and foliage, which reflects the soft lights of the moon.

Tucked away from the main road, this garden is a wonderful discovery. The place looked promising as we approached the entrance and as promised, the garden is what makes this place.  Old furniture pieces here and there, some floral themed paintings but what caught my eye as I approached the main area was this lotus pond accented by a thatched cabana.  Nice. 🙂


We arrived late in the afternoon after our Batulao trek and we practically had the place to ourselves even if there were cars parked outside.  The guests were probably out but even after dinner and during breakfast, they were nowhere to be found.  Honeymooners, you think? 😉

The casita was charming, complete with a welcome herb tea drink, the bed comfortable and the bathroom… interesting, as it does not have a door.  The headboard serves as it’s partition and both sides were kept open.   Good thing we are not shy girls! Haha! 😀


At night the garden transformed into… well, a moon garden.  It was indeed lovelier at night with the lights perfectly positioned to add drama to it.  Love it!  I must say, this place is perfect for honeymooners. 😉


Woke up early to take pics of the garden in the morning and to soak up this place.  Did a little journaling too.


Breakfast was not bad, better than expected.  Nothing great though.  I had the ham and egg scramble with ciabatta bread and pineapple marmalade.  Love the marmalade, not too sweet and it had chunks of pineapple. They served Batangas coffee cooked the old fashion way (the way Barako coffee used to be) hence the strainer (to catch the stray coffee grind).  I love yogurt and the set came with homemade yogurt and honey (which was why I ordered it in the first place) but I was disappointed.  The yogurt was too runny; I prefer it thicker like Greek yogurt thick.  The guyabano juice, I’m not crazy about… I’d rather have it as a fruit.


Other breakfast fares:


Clockwise: Adobo flakes, Cheese Omelet, Homemade corned beef guisado, and Banana flambé

It was a great treat after the hike, beats having to camp out.  It’s a perfect hideaway if you just want to chill out and get away from the Tagaytay crowd.  Not too far from the main road so it is easy access to all the dining places should you decide to come out of seclusion. 


The Moon Garden
SVD Road, Bgy. San Jose, Tagaytay

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