El Nido: A Top Fave


Credits:  Katie Pertiet Flatjacks Frolic 2; KPertiet Flatjacks Frolic-green; KPertiet Flatjacks Frolic-ribbon stripes; KPertiet Acrylic Alpha; KPertiet Sanded Overlay

Journaling reads:

El Nido: a gateway to Palawan’s natural treasure, Bacuit Archipelago — a fantastic seascape with a collection of jagged limestone islands.  It’s clear blue waters teeming with marine life.  A top favorite.

Indeed one of my favorite getaway.  Two ways to go; in luxury or rouging it up.  I personally prefer the roughing it up route.  Love the town.  What’s not to love?  With the limestone karst hills as your backdrop, dramatic eh?  Accommodations are definitely far from luxurious but there are plenty of  great places to eat!  If you take the luxury route, you miss the town and the good food but accommodation wise, I must say is splendid.

Where we stayed:

Rouging it:  Lally and Abet Beach Cottages
Luxury:  El Nido Resorts – Lagen Island


3 thoughts on “El Nido: A Top Fave

  1. El Nido is another fave of mine. Gosh, selfish me.. i’ve been praying that fewer tourists go there 🙂 Have you been to the lagoons? Awesomely quiet, almost like heaven.


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