From One Garden to Another

So after all that hiking, I’m now dreaming of a sumptuous dinner. But of course! I worked hard and I’m in Tagaytay after all. So we showered, changed and set out to find this chateau.

After driving for about 20 minutes in semi darkness, we turned into a small road that lead us to Chateau Hestia.  It had ample space for parking (not that we needed it as we were the only car there that night), a trellis lead us to the main entrance.  The owner, Johannes Zehethofer is Austrian so it was not surprising to see Schnitzel in their menu but Osso Bucco and Viennese Roast Pork came highly recommended so Osso Bucco it was for me.  


Let me digress a bit and dwell first on this charming bed and breakfast / restaurant.  I really didn’t notice since we were there at night but I read somewhere that the entire place was made of container vans.  The bed and breakfast part, I did not see but the restaurant interiors reminded me of a cozy country style home with lots of wooden furniture, all different in design.  The staffs are well informed and knew a lot about their menu… am impressed! 


Where are all the people?  We were once again the only ones there so the service and food was quite good.  My Osso Bucco was tender, cooked in tomato sauce.  Since it came highly recommended, I expected a lot from it.  Well, it didn’t really disappoint (but it didn’t leave a lasting impression either) but I want to go back to try their other specialty, the Roast Pork. From what I gathered, everyone was pretty happy with their food.  Nothing to complain about, really. 🙂


Clockwise:  Osso Bucco, Australian Rib Eye, Poutin, Crema de Limoncelo (melted vanilla ice cream w/ limoncelo & mango bits), Mango Napoleon (graham crust, mangoes, white chocolate)

But the passion fruit topped panna cotta… YUM!  Had to convince K to order it as I wasn’t too impressed with the desserts we had.  Am I glad I persevered! 😀  The sourness of the passion fruit totally complemented the sweetness of the panna cotta.  The best among the dessert lot (for me). 


Oh and I must mention that they serve dalandancelo (their version of limoncelo which I love, love, love).  Well, you can’t beat the real thing but it was a good version.  Perfect to warm our bodies on a chilly night.

European food products are sold here as well.  Most (ok, some) are available in Santi’s though.


So are you close to done with Christmas shopping coz I’m NOT!


Chateau Hestia
Silang, Cavite

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