Credits:  Papers:  JSprague (U&R week 4 kit) leafy blue, leafy green, stripe, yellow circles, green solid, blue flower; Brushes:  JSprague swirl; Alphas:  KPertiet Snap Frame Alpha

Feb 2003:  Children of Balbalasang, Kaliga Province.  Swimming and having fun without a care in the world.  How lucky to have as their playground one of the most beautiful site in the Philippines.  Owing to the difficult journey, Balbalasang is shielded from a lot of visitors, which in large part kept it pristine.

Balbalasang National Park was established to in commemorate Kalinga’s opposition to government-backed logging operations in the area in the ’70s (as per Lonely Planet Philippines- 9th edition).  The drive to Balbalasang albeit very scenic was long and bumpy.  But the beauty of this side of the cordilleras made the journey all worth it.  Not too far away from where we got off is this nice campground with 2 converging rivers and an absolutely magnificent landscape.  One can feel really small against the grandeur of Balbalasang.  Take a look!

Getting there:

Take a jeep from Tabuk, Kalinga all the way to Balbalasang or Balbalan town.  This might take 4-5 hours depending on the road conditions.  The campsite is just walking distance from the town plaza.  You can also arrange for a guide from the plaza to guide you through the different trails.  Note that I was there 5 years ago so this information may be old.


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