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Banaue comes to mind when rice terraces are concerned.  True.  It is not famous for nothing.  And The Viewpoint, after weaving through a host of souvenir shops, has a magnificent view of it.  But Batad is for the more intrepid traveler, more off the beaten path, so trekked to Batad we did one Halloween weekend and we discovered a marvelous view of more pristine terraces.  An amphitheater, in fact, was what greeted us as we neared the village.  Quite dramatic, if I may say so.

The village, 4 years ago, still had no electricity and is mostly made up of traditional Ifugao houses, most if not all would have a view of the terraces.  A 40-minute hike down the terraces will lead you to Tappia Falls — an impressive falls and taking a dip means braving the icy-cold water.  So, you think I braved it?  Umm…   🙂

Touted as the backpacker’s mecca, getting to Batad requires trekking (as there is no other way to get there) so tourists aren’t as plenty as there are in Banaue.  My kind of place.  A place where you can get lost in the midst of tranquil beauty and isolation, and this makes the trek worth it.

Batad is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Site in Danger since 2001.

Getting there:

Take a jeep from Banaue to the Batad junction, hike up to the saddle and from there, it’s a 40-minute hike down to the village.  Alternatively, you can now hire a jeep that will take you up to the saddle.



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