WS# 2: Pine Cones



Never fails to remind me of the mountains that I love so much.  Took this shot at Lemon Pie House in Sagada 2 weeks ago, the pine cones aptly displayed on the window casement.  Simple yet artistic eh?

Credits:  JSprague frame

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10 Responses to WS# 2: Pine Cones

  1. Admin says:

    wow! that is so awesome!!! very very nice photo!


  2. iska says:

    beautiful shot! artistic indeed!


  3. cookie says:

    i agree with you. not only is the pic simple and artistic…it makes me want to go to Sagada too 🙂



  4. Unplugged says:

    We have some of that at home 🙂 Great shot!


  5. We have many pine cones here in our backyard. Mine is up…


  6. mom2bradley says:

    Very artistic shot indeed. Great job .


  7. Emzkie says:

    very artistic indeed.=)


  8. saint3 says:

    acorns galore and i love it!


  9. we really like this photo. would you like to share this photo to our lemon pie house blog? you can email us this photo and tell us about it. proper acknowledgement and credits will be given. thanks.


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