PhotoHunt: Chipped


Chipped walls of Vat Sisaket, Vientiane, Lao PDR


Credits:  Joyful Heart Designs: plain jane-brownish paper

Built in 1818, Vat Sisaket is the only temple to survive a 19th century invasion when the Siamese raged the city and forced most of its people into exile across the Mekong.  It continued to function as a monastery during the 19th century despite the depopulation.  It is the only temple to maintain its original shape albeit a partial restoration in the 1920s hence the chipped walls.

Vientiane is an ancient city and its history has been recorded largely in its temples.

Came across this meme and found it cool.  So here’s my very first attempt on photo hunting.  I was in Vientiane last year and Laos has since been one of my favorite Asian destination.  Check out other PhotoHunt entries here.


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