Kayak the Rapids, Anyone?


That’s right!  In up north Peñablanca in Cagayan Province, you can kayak downstream in its Pinacanuan River. Depending on the time of year, the rapids provide an adrenalin rush interspersed with calmer water where one can enjoy the beautiful landscape, scenery and occasionally spot kingfishers or herons along the way.



On a hot day, the clear, blue water invites a dip to cool while picnicking by the riverbank.  Relaxed or charged, this river surely captivates the heart.



While you’re there, why not visit Callao and Sierra caves?  The first cave requires an easy trek on a big-domed cave with skylights.  A 206-step flight of stairs will lead you to a little chapel with pews and an altar.  Sierra, on the other hand, is a recreational cave with an array of well-preserved and very delicate speleothems (stalactites and stalagmites).


Be sure to stay and watch the phenomenal circadian bats leave their nesting place in droves to look for food just before the sun sets.  These are fruit bats so not to worry as they only eat fruits.   😀



If you find your way to this part of the world and would like to try this out, you may contact Anton Carag of AEPI.

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*Edited 02/14/10:  The AEPI website is no longer available… you may contact Anton Carag at +63(917) 532-7480.

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13 Responses to Kayak the Rapids, Anyone?

  1. TheDeeZone says:

    That looks like a fun adventure.


  2. Louise says:

    This looks like an incredible experience. Terrific post!


  3. ewok1993 says:

    What an adventure. Great post.


  4. Arija says:

    Great post and lovely country side, kayacking on a river is such fun too especially through such scenery.


  5. Wow!!!amazing this place is beautiful.


  6. marites1034 says:

    one of the places i’ve been longing to get to. I’ve tried white water rafting in CAgayan de Oro and kayaking in Palawan, i can imagine the rush of doing those in the pictures of your post:)


  7. The rapids look like a lot of fun. I’d love to visit the caves, too.


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  9. kim says:

    hi! how much is the kayak rental fee and where will we go to hire one? i want to ride the kayak you were riding.


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