River White


Credits:  Papers:  KPertiet Fairy Dreamer, JSprague Red Solid Paper, KPertiet Botanist no. 7-2; Elements:  Jack n Me Alpha blank, KPertiet Brown Stitching, KPertiet Quotes;  Brushes:  DD MWise A La Mode, KPertiet On the Edge Flourishes 2-1G;  Frames:  KPertiet On the Edge Flourishes 3-6G, KPertiet Snap Frame

Navigating the White Nile or the source of the Nile, in Uganda, is a once in a lifetime experience.  The Ugandan government has every intention of constructing a hydroelectric dam at the Bujugali Falls to provide power to the country, as their frequent power interruptions can last a whole day.  In a few years the exciting rapids will just be a memory.

We would raft rapids labeled as “the bad place”, “overtime” and more.   The day trip is a 30 km stretch of world-class white water rapids, mostly grades 4 & 5.  I was in for a turbulent ride!  But hey!  How often do you get to raft the longest river on earth?  The White Nile is a beautiful stretch of river with abundant bird life and rich, green-forested banks.  While the whole experience gives you an adrenalin rush, strangely, a calm assurance sort of settles in because well, wasn’t I rafting with some of the best river guides in the world?

Useful Info:

The Outfit: ADRIFT Adventure Co.

Plot 14, York Terrace,
Kololo (near Kololo airstrip & MTN Nyonyi Gardens)
Kampala, Uganda
E-mail:     raft@adrift.ug
Telephone:   +256-(0) 312 237 438
Mobile:   +256 (0) 772 237 438



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