Ibulao Ibulao




This was taken in Ibulao River, Kiangan.  Not many have rafted or even know of this river (I think) and as the photos on the slideshow below exhibits, it is a fantastic 3 hours of rafting experience with a view so impressive.  An interesting place rich in history, Kiangan is believed to be the first human settlement in Ifugao.  This is also where Ifugao and American troops helped force General Yamashita to make his informal surrender in World War II.

We stayed in a charming hostel owned by the Kalugdans, I remember the food to be superb.  This was a special trip organized by Adventures and Expedition Philippines Inc. (AEPI) to explore the river.  They have since run several trips running the upper portion of the river.  Definitely worth a try.

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Getting There:

Take either Autobus or Florida Bus Line to Banaue, get off at Kiangan.


Contact Details:

Auto Bus
Espana cornor Catalina,
Sampaloc, Manila
Phone:  735-8096

Bus fare:       P 460

Florida Bus Line
Sampaloc, Manila
Phones:  743-3809 / 731-5358 / 493-3667

Bus fare: P 450

Sleeping Arrangements:

Kalugdan Hostel, Kiangan
Ibulao Ibulao
Dra. Tess Kalugdan
Adventures & Expeditions Philippines Inc. (AEPI)
Anton Carag
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10 Responses to Ibulao Ibulao

  1. Louise says:

    I have always wanted to go rafting. It looks like it was wonderful for you.

    Please be so kind to put your country with your name when linking from the My World site. I’m fixing it for you today.

    Thanks so much!!


    • Pasang lama says:

      Hi Louise,
      I saw your comment and was wondering if you would be interested. I own a travel agency called Samsara travel and tours in Nepal…so if you and your friends are thinking of coming into this part of the world, we will be more than happy to take care of you guys. I have a Samsara Travels and tours page




    • Jenn says:

      Hi Pasang,
      I am a good friend of Anton and we travel together often. He had told me about you after you spoke to each other on the phone. Thanks for visiting my blog and hopefully we get to travel to Nepal and Tibet soon! It’s good to have had made your acquaintance. Let us know if you are traveling to the Philippines.


  2. babooshka says:

    Been canoeing not rafting. This always seems so exciting


  3. Lantaw says:

    I have yet to try this rafting thing 🙂 Thanks for the info!


  4. Sidney says:

    Wow… I wish I have the guts to do this !


  5. zeal4adventure says:

    Louise, sorry about that. I realized that after I hit return and I didn’t know how to correct after. Thanks. And yes, rafting has always been my adrenalin fix. 🙂

    babooshka, you should try it, it is indeed so much fun!

    Lantaw, go try it. You should also go try rafting the chico river as well, it’s a longer stretch and really wild on high season. You may also get in touch with Anton Carag at 09175327480 or email him at anton@whitewater.ph

    Sidney, you can try it during the tamer months, perhaps sometime in Aug, Sep or Feb when the water isn’t as wild. Fun guaranteed. 🙂


  6. What an exciting adventure.


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