PhotoHunt: Nautical


The bow seems to be his favorite spot of the boat.  We took this motorized boat or what we call a banca from Bantayan Island to Malapascua Island, a popular dive site where thresher sharks abound.


This boy, accompanies his dad and helps out by stirring the boat as it approaches the shore.


This is my entry to this week’s PhotoHunt.  For have a glimpse of more photohunt entries, please visit them here.

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5 Responses to PhotoHunt: Nautical

  1. JyLnC says:

    The first photo is stunning. What a great capture with the sky, the water, and the little boy on the front of the boat. Terrific.

    Here is mine:
    JyLnC’s Photohunt


  2. marites says:

    i like the first pic! It’s common in the Phils for boatmen to have their kids help in the boat.


  3. Cindy O says:

    Love the first shot…nice:)

    Nautical is my favorite…since I collect lighthouses. Take a look at a picture I took of the Kalaupapa Lighthouse on the island of Molokai, HI.


  4. cating says:

    i miss going to bantayan and malascua:(


  5. Just Me says:

    Love the first one in particular! Beautiful…


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