African Groove

african-grooveCredits:  Papers – JSprague 07, MCO Beautiful Journey 02;  Embellishments – JHE Twilled Phrases blank, Leona Apron Strings2 pldlabel, MCO Topper;  Overlays – KPertiet Sanded overlay, MCO Boho Flourishes;  Paper Mask – MCO Scalloped Paper Mask;  Alpha – JSprague Dauphin Alpha

This was taken in Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve in Fort Portal.  It is also home to orphans of AIDS victims.  Part orphanage, part guesthouse, the money earned from the guesthouse (and various donors) helps sustain the orphanage.  Most of the time, a show is prepared for guests.  Performing with gusto, we watched, entertained by their zeal.  They showed pride as they performed in front of a handful of delighted foreigners.  These children definitely have the groove!


Red Colobus among the many wildlife found at the forest.


Lake Nkuruba was our jump-off point to an up close encounter with the chimpanzees.  Uganda is home to gorillas (in Rwenzori Forest) and chimps (in Kibale Forest).  Unable, however, to see the gorillas due to time, budget constraints and the government’s policy on permits, we went on the chimpanzee trek.



A small town with one main road, we found our way to this western town of Uganda the hard way.  In fact the highlight of our African adventure was this journey to Fort Portal and Lake Nkuruba.  It’s a story all its own so stay tuned.   😀


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