Animals Have Right of Way

right-of-way1Credits: from Akilounedesigns:  Paper – kit so natural papier froisse, papier 9, papier 10, papier ray;  Embelishments – kit so natural branche, toiles.

In Lake Manyara in Tanzania, this one knew its rights.  It just stood there, fanning itself with its ears.  Quite captivating to watch and a great opportunity to photograph.  More on my safari adventures and the beautiful savannah.  Stay tuned.

Will be on holidays… I’ll be back soon with lots of stories in tow.  Happy Easter, everyone.

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2 Responses to Animals Have Right of Way

  1. Lara says:

    Happy Easter to you too! Have a great holiday!


  2. Ebie says:

    What an adventure! You make your photos more beautiful with your scrap.


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