Sunwapta Falls: Turbulent Waters



Not far from the Icefields Parkway, south of Jasper, is the aptly named Sunwapta Falls meaning “turbulent waters” in the native tongue of the Stoney Indians. 


Originating from the Athabasca Glaciers, the volume of water caused by the glacial meltdown was high in early summer, when we were there.


The small island in the middle of the Sunwapta River just up stream of the falls is, in my opinion, what makes the upper Sunwapta Falls beauteous. 


Make sure to detour to this falls when in the area.  For more Sepia Scenes, click here.

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8 Responses to Sunwapta Falls: Turbulent Waters

  1. mizhelle says:

    wow these look like a postcards to me 🙂


  2. Beth F says:

    Wow! These are excellent in sepia. Great job.


  3. Wow! That´s awesoem. Really love the energy in the water and you captured it so great.


  4. lawstude says:

    galing. beautiful sepia shots.


  5. Heidi says:

    That river is breathtaking. I think my favorite was the island. I loved them in sepia, it gives them such age and power. Nice shots!
    If you’d like to stop by my blog I’m at Cake Crumbs. </a


  6. kaye says:

    that is spectacular and I bet is better in color. so dramatic.

    If you’d like to drop by and see my sepia scene & window views, they are here. thanks!


  7. JO says:

    love all of your pictures!


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