Vancouver VIA Rail

Vancouver-Via-RailCredits-  Template by Shabby Miss Jen’s Designs;  Paper by Jessica Sprague Blue Solid paper from Cr8 Mini Kit;  Elements:  Stapler Pair and Heart Sticker both by KPertiet;  Alpha by Jessica Sprague from Grand Intention Kit

Trains fascinate me because it evokes a feel of the olden days.  It is the only means of public transportation to Vancouver from Jasper unless one drives to Edmonton and fly out from there.  An opportunity I cannot pass up and so I booked us on the VIA Rail Canada and got ourselves to Vancouver via rail!

Not without some 7-hour delay.  While VIA Rail owns 223 kilometers of tracks, most of the infrastructure used by the passenger service is owned and managed by the freight railways operators.  In short, the train will be late and it is not their fault.  So looking at the glass half full, we took the opportunity to see more of Jasper.  How can one get tired of this quaint town anyway?  So off we went to Maligne Canyon… and got back way before the train arrived.   No complaints from us!

The 20-hour (thereabout) train ride offered beautiful sceneries.  The high-level coaches and lounge cars have big windows for better viewing pleasure.

Money well-spent…

VIA Rail Canada
Jasper Station
601Connaught Dr.,
Jasper, AB

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