Catching the Sunset: Mt. Manabu



Sounds like a plan?  Yes, and a good one actually.  On Ninoy Aquino Day (his death anniversary), we were to drive to Sto. Tomas, Batangas City, have Bulalo (Bone Marrow) for lunch at Rose Sister of Grace, hang out at O’s house till 3pm and start trek soon after.  Get to the summit in 2 hours or so (that would be sometime before 6pm).


Catch the sunset, enjoy the view and do a night trek back.   A good plan.  Except for one small detail, we didn’t plan for an overnight.


The trek to the peak was pretty much a walk in the part except for a few steep trails nearing the summit.


Approaching the summit, we passed by the campsite and it had me wishing for our own tents so we could stay longer and enjoy the sunset, the view and it’s pretty surroundings and not have to rush back down…”next time”, I made a mental note.



A glimpse of Mt. Maculot


And after the sun set, we started our descent (as planned), stopping by Mang Pirying’s mid way through the trail for some BEST TASTING kapeng barako (local coffee) cooked the old fashioned way – boiled with a hint of sweetness.


Mang Pirying

Mang-Pirying's-wifeNanay Genia

Ahhh!!!  A great energy booster it was.


Before 9pm, we were back at O’s with dinner waiting for us after we all showered.  That’s what you call perfect hosts.

appetizer-at-OSome Jamon Serrano and Cheese before dinner, anyone?

A massage before bedtime had us sleeping like babies.  We woke up still with our bodies sore but revitalized nevertheless.  So do I still wish for that overnight at the summit?  You. Bet.

From Breakfast, we headed on to lunch at Casa Rap for more good food and nice ambiance.  Now that’s what you call a great weekend!




Crispy Pata (Deep Fried Pork Leg)


Ice cream with a little “lambanog” (coconut wine)

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