Sliding In Some Exploring

Credits:  Template by Crystal; Scratchy overlay from JSprague’s Thank Ya Kindly kit; Papers:  Brown Solid, Dark Blue Solid, Green Solid, Red Solid, Engraved Birds (JSprague’s TW Kits), Trish Jones’ Radiant Essence.

Oftentimes work gets in the way of my adventures – that is not a good thing.  But sometimes it brings me out of town, out of the country even – and THAT is a good thing. Even if I spend a lot of the time confined in a conference, I try to squeeze a day or two (say the weekend before or after the official business meetings) to explore the area.  There are times though that I skip exploring altogether due to time constraint.  Not this time… this time, work brought me to Seoul and the meeting started on a Monday so yeah…

I decided to take it easy because I wasn’t traveling with my usual set of travel buddies and lest they kill me, taking it easy was the route to take.  First order of the day was brunch at Apgujeong-dong.

A residential and shopping district in one of the most affluent areas of Seoul, Apgujeong has luxury brand stores, home grown boutiques,

new trendy eateries and open-air cafes lining its streets.  Most offer ritzy atmosphere and high quality goods and services.

We meandered through the streets in search for coffee.  It was still early and because it was a Sunday perhaps, stores and restaurants open later than we are used to so we wandered into a Starbucks, just for that coffee fix.

Homemade-style fresh organic food — B.B. Cafe by Hanskin

The organic café that first caught my fancy does not open till 12nn and when we went back (at 12nn), they weren’t serving the pizza we were eyeing earlier until 2… go figure!

We ended up satisfying our pizza craving at Schadheli, not as charming at first glance, but cozy enough for us to notice.  We ordered a good ol’ reliable Margherita and it was good so we tried another flavor, this time we were more more adventurous.

This one had spicy chicken topping drizzled in honey… yes honey.  It complimented well with the “Korean-style” spicy chicken and the cheese.

They make a mean Vongole too.

Koreans and their coffee, there must be something about it because coffee houses are seen in every corner, Starbucks and other international chains notwithstanding.  We walked into De Chocolate Coffee because we fancied the façade.

Coffee here was good, but the sweets… superb.

After that eating escapade interspersed with a little bit of shopping, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the next order of the day… cocktails and then dinner.


12 thoughts on “Sliding In Some Exploring

    1. Yeah… definitely not me! ‘Twas nice to just wander aimlessly, window shopping, people watching, chitchatting while sipping a good cuppa joe. Something I don’t get to do much nowadays. It was a good respite indeed. 🙂


  1. oh my what a lovely place to explore and eat your way out of. i love only margherita pizza and hawaiian or vegetarian. i am curious as to how they did they margherita.

    coffee is my weakness and those yummylicious treats to go with coffee.


  2. oh, i love your photos—the Julie & James photo is delightful! i think the whole world is now addicted to caffeine, if you notice, we have Starbucks and other cafes at every corner. work also gets in a way, but like you, i’ve learned to be flexible with my itinerary when traveling for work.:p


  3. Love your photos and your mosaic! And such great food! I wish I hadn’t eaten so much earlier — I’m hungry again now. Delightful post for the day. Hope you have a wonderful week! Enjoy!



  4. These photos look like they are from a S Korea that has definitely embraced modern culture! My Daughter and D-i-L are Korean. Both LOVE coffee (me, too!). Your snaps are wonderful.


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