Clearing the Crisper

I think I buy way too much stuff.  It’s either that or I need to eat in more often.  I get over excited when I see produce that I like in the market.  You see, shopping for 2, sometimes just for me is not an easy task.  And more often than not, I tend to go overboard.  And so I always have fruits and veggies that are somewhat at the end of its prime.  Not good.  Because you don’t get the most benefit out of a wilting produce I don’t think.

So one day I saw a need to clean the crisper and get rid of all those droopy foodstuffs.  But I hate throwing hard earned money away so I decided to cook them at two goes.  They’re all left over stuff, a piece of this and a piece of that. And this was what I whipped up for dinner.

I call it Left-Over Omelet.  Pretty straightforward…  here’s what I found in my crisper:

  • 2 carrots,
  • 1 green bell pepper
  • a piece of white button mushroom
  • some shallots

Here’s what you do:

  • Dice all ingredients.
  • Whisk eggs and add milk for a fluffier omelet.
  • On a skillet coated with oil, spray or butter, add the veggies and cook for a while seasoning with salt and pepper and in my case, I also seasoned it with this*.
  • After a minute or so, add the egg mixture.
  • Use a spatula to push the eggs from the outer edge of the skillet toward the center.  Alternatively, you can also tilt the pan till the egg runs to open areas.
  • Do this till the egg turns white and edge a bit crispy.
  • Flip the omelet and cook for another minute or so.

The next morning, here’s what I did to these sorry pieces of sadness.

Peel, core and chop the apples.  In a saucepan, combine the apples with the following:

  • butter
  • brown sugar (I used coco sugar which is not so sweet)
  • cinnamon (I used cinnamon sticks)
  • vanilla bean (optional, I just had some so I used it)

Cook until mixture thickens and apple is tender.

I used this to top my Multigrain French Toast.  Yum.

* Note: Veg-Sal Spike Seasoning can be found at the seasoning section of Healthy Options.


One thought on “Clearing the Crisper

  1. a week after thanksgiving i came home to find that there was only left over stuffing and turkey in the fridge for dinner. but we had some veggies in the fridge that we didn’t use for thanksgiving – we buy way too much too – and so i sauteed that with a sausage for flavoring. voila dinner.


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