Vivere Azure: An Oasis of Calm

Every now and then this good friend of mine and I would spend a weekend together… just the two us.  So one weekend in September, having just emerged from a harrowing few weeks, my friend S wanted to veg-out somewhere away from the metro.  Being a good friend and someone who hardly pass up a chance to any kind of adventure (kaladkarinin in filipino hee hee!   :-D), I agreed to keep her company.  At the recommendation of a mutual friend, we booked ourselves a room at Vivere Azure.

A refuge, I call it, just 2-1/2 hours away from Manila, this premier deluxe resort is found in the sloping hills of Anilao, an excellent dive location thriving with divers and tourists alike.

Reception Area

The unassuming entryway from the road, as with many of the resorts in Anilao, does not do justice to the place but once inside the gate, we were transported to an oasis of calm.  It seemed like we had the whole place to ourselves.  Warmly welcomed by very gracious staff complete with a welcome drink, we were ushered to our room.

Clockwise:  Inside, the balcony, the beach just a few steps away from our room, the view

The Cobalt Room albeit a bit snug was well appointed and very comfortable.  We oohed and we aahed over our room and the splendid view it afforded us.

The Presidential Suite

The bar

Then we oohed and ahhed some more as we walked through the entire resort.  I liked it that the resort even had a sandy beach to speak of (a rarity in Anilao) and that our room was just a few steps away from it.

The rate per head (P6,500) is inclusive of 5 meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner plus 2 snacks.

The cozy dining area overlooking the sea was where they serve lunch and dinner.  The breakfast area was a different area closer to our rooms and the beach.

Our lunch was pretty impressive and satisfying – a good sign that we will be enjoying our meals here (and we were not disappointed).  After lunch we decided to enjoy the pool, which was not quite “infinity” but close enough.

A great way to enjoy the view and the sunset

The pool and the loungers were extremely de-stressing; I was in slumber land as soon as my head hit the lounge.

The following morning, I decided to go snorkeling.  They supposedly have a beautiful house reef.  For Anilao standards, it could be better.  I think Dive ‘n Trek has a better house reef.  But overall, I was pretty impressed and for a non-diver, I think the reef was acceptable.  The thing that totally won me over though was the pampering – impeccable service, I tell ya!  It’s like having a very discreet butler at your beck and call.

I frequent Anilao but hardly splurge on a resort as my main goal always was to go diving.  Not this time.  Our goal was to do nothing.  Besides, S is not a diver and Azure, although can arrange dive trips through their affiliate dive centers, is technically not a dive resort.

Our farewell snack — turon à la mode (fried banana roll)

That September weekend, I got acquainted  to a whole new Anilao.  So was it worth the splurge?  I say yes but don’t take me word for it, go book yourself a room.   😀

Getting There:

Other Useful Info:

Km. 108 Barangay Aguada, San Teodoro, Anilao, Mabini, Batangas
Contact Nos.:  (632)771-777 or +63917-843-0912

4 thoughts on “Vivere Azure: An Oasis of Calm

  1. that was a good deal, i thought. i even would like to pay that much to stay there for a weekend.

    i make my turon ala mode too when i eat it at home, so much more calorifically delish.


  2. We really had a memorable experience here… Vivere Azure has great facilities and wonderful and nice staffs… It is really a place that is worthy for spending your money when you want to enjoy and relax.. the food is also delicious plus the good views of nature … Really a good combination! Try it! 🙂


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