Magnificent Town of Ronda

Tired from traveling the whole day, but I look out the window of our train plying Mr. Henderson’s railway en route to Ronda and all is well.


The scenery was stunning and the countryside, beautiful.  It was a good decision, taking the train to Ronda as it was a gloriously scenic route.



On the plateau of a large rock outcrop stands the magnificent town of Ronda,


surrounded by rugged tracts of mountains, the Guadalquivir River running through it.


Gorgeous city steeped in history, set in and around a deep gorge known as El Tajo (the edge),


and spanned by an astounding 18th century arched bridge,


the Puente Nuevo, connecting La ciudad, the old Ronda with the new.

The old quarter charms with cobbled stone streets,


lovely churches, striking white houses


and buildings with wrought iron balconies


but not to let pass the cafes, tapas bars and restaurants that sprinkle the town.


For decades, Ronda has been favored by those with a passion for Spanish food and likes to eat well. Tapas, small portions of food, both hot and cold, are served in bars and bodegas to go with a copa de fino (dry Spanish sherry) or beer.

A pleasant and enjoyable way to take in its rich heritage is to wander around town to savor not only the sights but its cuisine as well.


We spent a whole lot of time walking the streets of Ronda, captivated by the spectacular views it offered at every turn. No wonder Welles and Hemingway spent so much time there.  I wish I had taken their cue and spent more time there.

Ronda delivered beyond my expectation.  It was a fantastic kick-off to an Andalusian adventure.

More of Ronda through my lens:

on-the-bridge-to-the-old-townOn the Puente Nuevo
plaza-del-toroPlaza del Toro — Ronda’s bullring known to be the world’s first purpose-built bullring.  The first fight in this bullring took place in 1785 with the famous matador, Pedro Romero and Pepe Hillo.
Iglesia-de-Sta.-Maria-la-MayorIglesia de Sta. Maria la Mayor
white-housesRonda is symbolic of Andalusia’s white town
la-cuidadOn the bridge facing the south side of the gorge, La Ciudad and the heart of Moorish Ronda.
Ronda-at-nightRonda at night.
modern-townPlaza de España— Ronda’s modern ide of the gorge.

3 thoughts on “Magnificent Town of Ronda

  1. oh my what a charming little town. these are the types of towns i wish to visit. were there plenty of tourists/visitors when you went.

    i love tapas. i can never get enough of them.


  2. That is a fantastic place. I can’t imagine why with still a lot of open areas they still build their buildings/houses on top of that gorge. It is wonderful to see from afar but scary when on top of it! Amazing.


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