WS #8: Fresh Berry Goodness

Despite a crazy week in Baguio City, it was a weekend full of activities including swimming through a sea of people during the Panagbenga festivities.  This post however is not about the festival (that will be for another post) but about my visit to a wild bluberry plantation in Tublay and the strawberry capital of Baguio, La Trinidad.


Strawberries (and blueberries) are all-time favorites. Strawberries, however, tops the list especially if they are firm and sweet.  The strawberries that greeted us that day, probably just a few hours after harvest, looked so fresh and shiny, almost like plastic.  I had to restrain myself from eating the whole 2 kilos of it.


The next town, Tublay where we dropped by a blueberry plantation, is just a few minutes away from Trinidad.  Not exactly the blueberries we are familiar with, these blueberries are tropical and thrive in less harsh weather.  As an aside, I learned that majority of blueberries flourish in harsh weather, the colder it is, the better for the blueberries.  Our blueberries are smaller and have less meat but that tiny piece of fruit is so bursting with flavor.  Because it is grown in the wild, supply is scarce.  It’s virtually gone even before harvest is completed.


And the view is enough to make the trip worthwhile.


Lucky for me, berries are said to contain phytochemicals and flavanoids that may help to prevent some diseases.  Eating a diet rich in blueberries, strawberries and other berries may help reduce your risk if several types of cancer.

For more weekend snapshots, click here.


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