One Week of Tasty Treats

Food is another passion of mine that is high up there with travelling.  Truth be told, it is a huge part of my travels and my daily life.  Whether I’m out somewhere or just relaxing at home, I beam with joy if I am able to have my fix of favorite eats.  It can be as simple as spam, eggs and baked beans – my all time comfort food or as fancy as escargot.  Last week was a happy week for me because a visit to my favorite Saturday market = many a tasty treats.  Sharing with you some of my joys from the simple treats I picked up last week.

Credits:  JSprague’s Type Writer 2 papers  (Click on image to enlarge)

Some Useful Information:

Quinoa:  It’s pronounced keen-wah and while it is practically unknown here, it is a staple of the ancient Incas.  It is a grain that comes from the Andes Mountains and a 100-g portion is known to be a rich source of iron and vitamin B; a good source of protein; a source of calcium, vitamin B2, and niacin.  And best of all, it’s absolutely yummy.  You can find this at the grains section in any Healthy Options outlet.

Lartisan Boulangerie Francaise:  This is where I most-often get my breads.  It shares a space with Mikey’s Deli along Jupiter although I seldom get them there.  Our neighborhood deli, Santi’s (thank God) also carries their breads albeit a limited range.

Rizal Dairy Farms:  Can be found in Salcedo Market.  This is where I get my stash of Greek Yogurt.

Picolé:  Also found at the Salcedo Market, I chanced on this on my way home and it just called out to me through the scorching heat.  I just had to get myself some.  And by golly – they’re heavenly!


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