WS# 9: I love Pesto!


Absolutely love it!  It has become one of my favorites since the time I discovered it in the early ‘90s.  Love it on anything and as anything.  Be it a spread on sandwiches, on pizza, as dressing, or simply in pasta, the more common application.  Best of all, it is the easiest thing to do.

Last Saturday, while browsing around my favorite Saturday market, I chanced upon gorgeously fresh basil leaves.  Bought me some, went home, got my processor, got some garlic, pine nuts (I always have them just in case but you can use about any kind of nuts — cashew is yummy too), olive oil and some cheese (again parmesan is the norm but since I ran out of it, I used aged cheddar or any hard cheese you may have).  Had some left over parsley so I threw that in too.  Blend them all together, don’t forget to season with salt, boil some Penne and voila!  Lunch!

So here’s some testament that I haven’t forgotten the resolution I devised early this year and that is to eat more greens.   😀


5 thoughts on “WS# 9: I love Pesto!

  1. hehe, i thought i was the only one who puts pesto on bread. i love pesto too. i’ll give you a tip, next time you’re making pesto, try using walnuts instead of pine nuts, supppper yummy!



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